Hydrogels for drug-delivery systems. We will use organic chemistry based modifications of biomolecules to make hydrogels. These hydrogels can be used to deliver anticancer and antidiabetic drugs to the desired locations.

Enzymatic reduction of CO2 to value-added products. CO2 is a significant source of the greenhouse effect and global warming. We aim to develop enzyme cascades, which convert CO2 to value-added products such as methanol.

Early detection of diseases. High death rates of many diseases arise due to late detection. We will work on the development of nanoscale detection platforms for early detection of cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Fundamental studies of self-assembly. All the living objects are nothing but an organization of molecules without any external guidance or self-assembly. Our lab is interested in the phenomena of self-assembly and how early life was originated by self-assembly millions of years back.

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